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Three Ages of Glenfiddich

The following is a direct transcription of my scribblings on a notepad last night

Glenfiddich 12: Straw color. Sweet, almost bourbon-like aroma. Fairly typical Speyside. Not much peat, on the sweeter, lighter side. Not one of my all-time favorites, but not at all a bad whisky. Cinnamon, cardamom. Calvados-y notes. Splash of water doesn't do much- light enough already.

15: Slightly darker than 12. Aroma not entirely unlike cognac. Somehow thinner-bodied than 12. Also somehow peatier. Less sweet, with floral/vegetable notes. Splash of water brings out a fruitiness. More cinnamony. Despite thinner body much better overall than 12, gee whiz.

18: Golden. Aroma very much like cognac, hints of apple pie with cinnamon. Not a great deal of peat. Very full, rich. Discernible oak. Water brings out more spiciness- cinnamon and cardamom as with others, but hint of black pepper. Allspice? For more clear idea will have to drink other half of 50ml bottle when I haven't just had two fairly large drams immediately before. [Author's note: I am quite fond of the Patiala peg.]


1. Maker's Mark, either rocks or in a "manhattan": I am just learning to like whiskeys other than bourbon (can't do rye yet, hence the quotes. recs?) but this is definitely my jam this summer.
2. Lavender mojitos: totally prissy but fun to make and so nice in the summer when I pick the mint from my side yard right before we make them.
3. Dirty gin martinis: Made with almost anything but Bombay, which has always tasted oily to me.
4. Hendricks Gin: really cold, with cucumber slices if they're around.
5. Shiner Bock: reminds me of all of my favorite people, and being in Indiana where we just got a distributer, it still seems like a treat to me.
6. Upland Wheat with orange slices: a local favorite
7. Stoli: on the rocks with lemon, for when it is imperative that I drink, but I cannot under any circumstances have a hangover.
8. Almost any red zinfandel or cabernet sauvignon: I don't know a ton about wine and don't tend to geek out about it so I browse and try new things from a local international grocery that has a good selection of cheapish options and an owner who takes pride in his stock
9. Gin and ginger beer: for when I want something sweet.
10. Diet cuba libres for when I'm out with friends at a bar I've never been to because tastewise you cannot go wrong with any combination of those three ingredients.

Absinthe. Rant.

Xposted from my journal.

I'm quite happy to see that absinthe is being (legally) sold stateside now.  BUT:

I think that it is total horseshit that LUCID absinthe is charging $60.00 a fifth for less-than-standard absinthe simply because they found a loophole.  Todd in NOLA used to charge me that for a gallon of the stuff, with full wormwood content.  And we were breaking the law.

I'm all for legalizing pot and stuff, but I now realize that a full blown "legalize Absinthe" campaign is much more needed.  Even though I haven't smoked pot in many years, I'd much rather smoke grass than drink (stunning revelation?) I'm a much better stoner than drunk.  Anyway, that being said, I'd MUCH rather get high on Absinthe than grass any day of my life.  Absinthe is gods gift to the drunkard.

Fuck LUCID.  I'll just keep drinking booze and brewing my own, thank-you.  <10% wormwood does not an absinthe make.  Keep trying though..
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Mr. Burns

Boredom, alcohol, and fire

Last night I was bored and invented a new drink, soon to become the latest craze in the nation's sports bars: the Atesh-e-Zardusht, or "Fire of Zarathustra." Combine equal amounts 190-proof grain alcohol and rosewater in a shot glass. Ignite. Briefly (so as to avoid too much diminution of the alcohol content) admire the flame. Blow it out to prevent injury, then drink.

(also posted in my journal.)
Mr. Burns

A new beverage is brought into the world

This drink is dedicated to mlknchz, and his answer to a trivia question on my blog.

Place three dried mulberries (dut kurusu, available at your local Turkish grocer) at the bottom of a tumbler. Cover with a generous quantity of your preferred brand of gin. Let stand for a little while so some gin soaks into the mulberries. Add ginger ale. Drink. Eat the mulberries. Repeat as needed.

Saint petersburg florida!

I found a bottle, a .750 of ZUBROWKA! in a ghetto package store for around eighteen bucks! The lable says that it contains "neutralized bison grass". Neutralized or no, I'm just happy to drink some clear spirits without a twist, sexual legends coming to bear or not.

In any case, if'n y'all find yourselves in St. Pete, check out the package store down there on 34th street, just over the bridge, towards Largo. They don't have any idea what they are selling.

(they had Amarula, but didn't even have any Jameson's or Bushmills. Philistines.)
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